"I am now ready to be offered."  2 Timothy 4:6

We always are grateful for the assistance of our community, in order to fund our ministries and missions.

There are three principal ways through which gifts can be offered:

1. Through a donation made during the worship service through an envelope to be found at the back of the pews.

2. Through a check or money order that is mailed to the Church office:

The Presbyterian Church in Garden City

91 Chester Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530

Please make all checks or money orders payable to: The Presbyterian Church in Garden City

Please note: In order to receive the appropriate documentation you need for tax purposes, your name and address clearly must be identifiable on your check.  For gifts made by mail at year end, I.R.S. regulations require that the postmark stamped on your envelope bear the same year as that for which you intend to receive credit for the gift.  Unfortunately, we are not permitted to credit for December any gift received by mail postmarked in January of the subsequent year.

3. Through online giving via Faith Street.

For our WEPC mission trips, it also is possible to make donations here.